Farm Managers Training

Farm Managers Training


This two-module training covers the processes required to achieve best results in crop cultivation. It covers activities from land preparation through planting, farm management practices, harvesting and storage of produce. It also impacts the knowledge of farm management skills required to manage materials, time and personnel to achieve desired objectives.  The goal of the training is to equip individuals with requisite knowledge to function effectively on farms and provide information on new agriculture procedures resulting in improved productivity of the farms.


Module 1: Farm Operation

  • Land preparation; appropriate procedure required for preparing lands for crop cultivation
  • Crop planting; procedures and processes required for achieving a successful planting activity resulting in desired yield
  • Weed and Pest Management; Management and control of weed and pest using agrochemicals, natural and organic administrative processes
  • Harvesting; analysis of harvest processes and procedures required to achieve maximum crop harvest and reduced postharvest loss.
  • Storage; assessment of storage medium for crops to ensure quality control and minimize post-harvest loss

Module 2: Farm management skills

  • Material Sourcing and Logistics; Effective purchasing and transportation of raw materials required for farm operations
  • Planning; Preparing and developing farm goals, procedures and processes for achieving objectives as scheduled
  • Management Skills; Development of soft sills required for managing raw materials and personnel to achieve objectives.
  • Reporting; Appropriate means of reporting farm activities, communicating adequate relevant information required for decision making.
  • Health, safety, Security, Environment, disaster Management; Managing workers health, providing safe standards of operation with regard for the state of environment and procedures for managing disasters and relating with host communities.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Classroom
  • Farm Land (Available for only interns)


  • Farm Operations: 5 days
  • Farm management skills: 5 days
  • Internship: 8 months



At the end of the training,

  • Graduates will be able to function as farm managers in crop farms
  • Effectively establish and manage farms profitably.
  • Opportunity to enjoy paid internship at Mandrakes Farms and Mel Mellis Farms


Who it’s for:

  • Individuals interested in developing a career in farm management
  • Individuals who have farms and desire to improve productivity
  • Individuals interested in understanding how farm operations are managed
  • Individuals who desire to set up farms



Class Sessions

Mandrakes consulting: 4 Olupitan street New Bodija Ibadan

Practical Sessions

Mandrakes Farms Basi, Atisbo Lga Oyo state (Interns)

Mel Mellis farms Komu, Kajola Lga Oyo state. (Interns)



N100,000 for two weeks classroom training

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