Maize Aggregation Scheme

Mandrakes Maize
Aggregation Scheme

A low risk agric investment plan.

Mandrakes maize aggregation investment scheme is a low risk agric investment plan, which was developed to enable risk averse individuals benefit from the opportunities in the agric sector, leveraging on the expertise and experience we have garnered over the years in the midstream sub area of Nigeria’s agriculture sector.

Mandrakes has been involved in the aggregation of maize for close to a decade, providing maize commodity to local and multinational organizations operating in the food processing and animal feeds production business, with a track record of excellent delivery of quality product.

Due to the review of the policy by the federal government on the importation of maize commodity and the significant opportunity it has provided for individuals interested in making profit by leveraging this new government policy, mandrakes has created this maize aggregation scheme to provide opportunity for willing investors to finance maize aggregation as an investment, while bridging the short fall in maize demand for the country’s food and feeds demand.


Mandrakes will aggregate maize during the harvest season from the northern states and ware house them in the south for several loyal clients who have consistently patronized our business. Since the price of the produce gradually increases through the year, due to the forces of demand and supply as the harvesting of maize only takes place only for a few months during the year. Mandrakes eventually sells the maize at a profit, providing margins for investor and the company while servicing our clients with timely delivery of high-quality maize.

Although mandrakes consulting has different investment schemes in the agric sector, this particular project is conducted in the agriculture sector bracket with activities considered as low risk, due to the limited exposure of investor’s funds and produce.


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