Maize Cultivation Scheme


Due to the ban on importation of maize commodity by the federal government of Nigeria, and the significant opportunity it has provided for individuals interested in making profit by leveraging this new government policy, mandrakes has created this maize cultivation scheme to provide opportunity for willing investors to finance maize cultivation as an investment, while bridging the short fall in maize demand for the country’s food and feeds demand for several loyal clients who have consistently patronized our business over years, but whose demand we have not been able to meet. In addition to the government policy on prevention of imported maize, the demand of maize has previously constantly been on the rise due to influx of operators in the poultry and fish processing industry, this ensures more opportunities for maize providers.


Mandrakes will cultivate maize during the planting season from our 600acre farm in Basi town, Atisbo LGA in Oyo state. Cultivation will include sourcing of all materials needed, establishment, maintenance, of the farm, harvesting of maize produce and provision of security. Mandrakes eventually sells the maize at a profit, providing profit for investor and the company while servicing our clients with timely delivery of high-quality maize. All farm activities will be managed by Mandrakes Consulting.


Investors are allowed to participate by purchasing slots of farms. Each slot is quantified as 10acre land and the cost of cultivation of the land is approximately valued at 2,000,000 Naira. The land is cultivated for the investor, produce sold and the investor is paid a 40% return on his investment, which is 800,000. The investor is paid 2,800,000 after one calendar year. This investment scheme opens March 2021 and closes May 2021. This is done to enable sufficient time to plan for maize cultivation for the current year’s season.



Although the cultivation of crop is a high-risk agriculture venture, the experience and knowledge garnered by our team for close to a decade of operating in maize cultivation, provides individuals interested on this high yield investment the required knowledge to make profit on their investment.


The farm and its produce are insured against fire, malicious damage, flood and other disasters by Mutual assurance, to ensure that investors funds are secured.


The scheme is valid for 1 calendar Year between 1st April 2021 to 31st May 2022. Expressing of interest closes by 12pm on the 31st of May 2021. This initial scheme has on 40 slots available.


All investors fund and return on investment will be paid in 31st May 2022, by which time all produce would have been sold.

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